Saturday, 22 December 2012

Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

Heey there, I hope you’re all good.

Christmas is now fast approaching. ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO! I am super excited, but personally, I’m pretty unorganised and still haven’t got presents for everyone yet:/. Hopefully I’m not the only one, so here are 5 great, last minute gifts;

1. Clothing Store vouchers – I find these the perfect gift for not only Christmas, but birthdays! If I’m shopping for someone and i just don’t know what to get them, if i get them a gift card; then they can spend it on whatever they want!

2. Picture Frames – Picture frames are an awesome gift to give. If you are close with the person you are buying for, you could always put a photo of you two, of a special occasion or just a photo you love! This would make a simple gift more personal and seem as if you have put a lot of effort into their gift.

3. Baked Treats – With home-baking you can make some lovely treats for people in less than 2 hours! You can bake anything from traditional Gingerbread cookies, to some festive cupcakes? (If you’re feeling particularly festive, take a look at my previous blog and have a go at the Santa Brownies!).

4. Perfumes – Perfume’s a great; around Christmas time, most perfumes are on offer anyway; you can buy posh and gorgeous perfumes for fraction of the usual price!
5. Beauty/Bath gift sets – So many stores sell them! In the UK you can purchase many great ones from places like Boots, Superdrug and The Body Shop!

I hope this helps any of you; who also haven’t got all of their Christmas gifts! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Much love.xo


  1. Very useful!! I think picture frames are lovely gifts for friends ;)

  2. Great post, love it and love the layout too,!